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PIES Fitness Valley Forge Yoga Studio - 33 South Pickett Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22304
(Entrance 5201 Valley Forge Drive)

Classes start December 8th!

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Parking is available on Valley Forge Drive, in rear of El Paw Vet Clinic parking lot in PIES Fitness designated parking spaces. Parking also permitted in El Paw designated spaces before 8am and after 6pm Monday - Friday, before 8am and after 1pm on Saturday and anytime on Sundays.

Online class schedules and class descriptions coming soon.


PIES Fitness Trade Center Yoga Studio - 374 South Pickett Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22304
(Trade Center Shopping Center - Home Depot)

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PIES Fitness Yoga Studio offers:
Boot Camp       Zumba
DIVA Yoga       Belly Dancing
Half & Half        Hot Yoga Your Way
Prenatal Yoga        Spiritual Yoga
Kickboxing       Wake-Up Yoga
Kemetic Yoga
My Body Don't Bend That Way

PIES Fitness at Foxchase offers:
Yoga       Zumba

PIES Fitness at Avalon Bay offers:
Yoga       Zumba

Contact Marsha at piesfitness@aol.com  703-887-9574

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